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About Monji Landscape Companies

In 1953, Fred Monji started a landscaping & gardening business with the simple aim to provide for his ever-growing family. He had a natural love for designing gardens & a passion for providing excellent service to his clients. Over 60 years later, these fundamental principles still drive our company today.  Growing out of that simple landscaping business, we have expanded our landscape services broadly so that our clients can trust & rely on just one company for all of their outdoor construction needs.  

What We Do.

Swimming Pools & Spas

Exceptional swimming pool & spa design demands looking at so much more than just the pool. Instead of simply building a pool in your yard, we focus on creating a truly remarkable environment that elevates your pool to a higher level of design. We merge together the surrounding landscape services, water features, lighting, & much more to create a resort-like experience right outside your back door.

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Concrete & Pavers

Our exceptional landscape services extend well beyond planting trees & laying sod. Our team members bring a wealth of experience in all areas of landscape services, including hardscape construction, to your project. Our tradition of craftsmanship began over 60 years ago & continues to this day. Whether we are pouring decorative concrete, laying natural slate, or installing permeable pavers, we take the care to ensure that your investment truly lasts. 

Patio Designs

When it comes to designing your perfect outdoor living space, the possibilities are endless. Our custom patio designs provide not only shade, but also an architectural beauty to your landscape design. Beyond the structure of each custom-made pergola is where we craft a patio made just for you. Fans, lighting, hardscape accents, all of these options are at your fingertips & allow our designers to create the perfect outdoor living space for your landscape design.

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Fire pit

Outdoor Fire Pits

We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. And yet, we feel a draw to be outdoors. Our custom outdoor fire pits & fireplaces allow our clients to entertain & relax outdoors in the beauty of nature. Our landscape services include designing & building customizable fire pits & fireplaces that give you the perfect destination for your home & garden. The beauty & warmth of a roaring fire will make your garden the perfect outdoor living space. 

Fountains & Waterfalls

Few things are as relaxing as the sound of falling water. Instinctively, it has a calming effect on our mind & body. It allows the stress of the day to fall away. It gives a garden design a destination that draws us outdoors. That’s why our clients love our wide variety of landscape services including custom fountains & waterfalls.

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Landscape Design

Since 1953, we have created thousands of unique landscape designs throughout the Central Valley & beyond. When Fred Monji founded our firm over 60 years ago, all he started with was his passion for the garden. He loved creating one-of-a-kind landscapes & taking care of his clients as if they were family. This passion lives with us today, decades later, as we work with you to create your perfect landscape design.

Outdoor Kitchens

Our gardens are made for more than just a pretty view. Our landscapes are designed for living, entertaining, & relaxing. Our outdoor kitchens & fire pits will make your home a destination. Our landscape services extend far beyond the trees & plants that help create your outdoor environment. We're experts at creating outdoor kitchen destinations that are perfect for the whole family.

Custom outdoor grill
LED lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Our outdoor lighting options will bring to life the beauty of your garden & the architecture of your home. Our outdoor lighting landscape services will ensure that the investment you have made in your garden is not lost in the evening hours. The colors & textures of your landscape will take on a completely new look at night. Our professional landscape services & lighting options will transform your garden into a brilliant display of shadows & light.

Landscape Maintenance

We have a special relationship with the gardens that we've built. Being part of their design & construction gives us an investment in ensuring their longevity. Our landscape services are focused on nurturing your garden so that with each passing year it grows more beautiful than the last. From ornamental pruning to fertilizing services & annual color installation, you can trust your landscape services to the professionals that have been in the garden since 1953.

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Drought Tolerant Landscape

Since 1953, our designers & contractors have been dedicated to creating a greener tomorrow. We understand that this commitment means being stewards of our natural environment. Drought conditions throughout California have reinforced our commitment to ensuring that our landscape services & designs have a positive impact on our environment & our Valley’s most precious resource: water.

Commercial Landscaping

We understand that commercial clients have very unique landscape service needs & wants out of their property. For some, it may be critical to reduce water usage & overall, annual maintenance costs. For others, it may be to create an eye-catching landscape that will draw customers into their property. And, for other commercial clients they may be looking to create a relaxing environment for their employees to enjoy throughout the year. Whatever your goals are for your commercial property, our talented team of designers, contractors, & service technicians will help you achieve them.

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synthetic grass

Artificial Turf

For many homeowners, the most important part of their landscape is their lawn. Our artificial turf landscape services ensure a beautiful lawn without the constant maintenance issues & water consumption of natural grass. Our artificial turf options are made of the highest quality materials & provide a lush, natural look year round.

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Professional Landscape Services

Discover the difference with professional landscape services from Monji Landscape Companies. We are excited about caring for & improving your landscape today!

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