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What to Know About Building Your First Swimming Pool

Building your first swimming pool can be daunting, we're here to help with decades worth of design & construction experience. 

Our Quick Tips to Helping You Build Your Perfect Swimming Pool

1.Begin With a Wish List

Making a wish list can be a very effective way to begin understanding what you want in a swimming pool design. You should think of EVERYTHING first. No item is too small to consider. Do you want a lap pool? Do you want a spa? Do you want a water feature? How big of a pool do you want? Get all these desires on a list. The list for your perfect swimming pool may be six items long or maybe it'll be sixty. Next, you want to take some time & rank these items in importance. Some of the items on your swimming pool wish list will be real "deal breakers" or must-haves. Others, like glass tile or a beach entry may be options you're considering but are willing to forgo for others on the list. Once your list is complete & the items are ranked in importance, you've got the beginning step of building your dream pool completed. 

2. Understand Your Property

Your property's characteristics are key components in understanding the construction of your pool. You should be aware of a number of items that may impact construction & the cost of your swimming pool project. 

  • What type of access do you have to the swimming pool site? Is there ample access for the dig/construction?

  • Are there relevant setbacks that would impact the design? Property line or building setbacks?

  • Where is your utility access? Access to your electrical panel or gas meter may be necessary & impediments to utility access will impact the cost of the swimming pool construction.

  • What are the soil conditions in your area? Areas of expansive clay soil or heavy rock deposits will impact construction. 

3. Think About Function

Your swimming pool should be just as functionally enjoyable as it is beautiful. Think about how much shallow end space you want to enjoy in your swimming pool. This area is great for young children as well as adults just trying to relax. Look at the overall swimming pool deck space. Make sure you have enough room to comfortably walk around the pool as well as plenty of room for guests to gather & lounge pool-side. If you're adding a spa to your pool design, you want to make sure the spa has enough room for you & your family. Just remember you should never struggle to be comfortable or relaxed in a well-designed swimming pool or spa.

4. Set Your Pool Apart

Just because it seems like everyone has a swimming pool does not mean that your swimming pool should look like everyone else's. You should look for ways to make your swimming pool distinctly unique & impressive. For instance, simply upgrading the interior swimming pool finish to a natural pebble can give the whole pool design a rich look by changing just one item. Or, you may be more focused on lighting. Instead of having one boring pool light like everyone else, opt for multiple smaller lights throughout the pool so that in the evening hours the swimming pool has a stunning glow throughout. A fountain option is always a great way to set your swimming pool apart. Whether you're adding deck jets or a dramatic fountain wall, these items can bring the soothing sound of falling water to your whole backyard. 

5. Think Beyond The Swimming Pool

While your primary focus may be the swimming pool, do not neglect thinking about the rest of your property while this construction is underway. You want to make sure that future items, like outdoor kitchens, fire pits, patios, etc. are considered during the design process. This way, necessary utilities & permits can be addressed now so that in the future your are not wasting time & money to develop these items. 

6. Hire a Professional

Finally, the best tip for designing & building your perfect swimming pool & spa is to hire Monji Landscape Companies as your creative partner. With decades of design & construction experience, we make the entire process as seamless as possible for you & your family. Our talented staff of designers, construction & service professionals are here to help you the whole way as we bring your dream swimming pool & spa to life. 

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