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Fountains & Waterfalls: Create a Soothing Escape

Discover true serenity in your own backyard with the soothing sound of falling water from one of our many unique fountains & waterfalls.

Fountains & Waterfalls

Few things are as relaxing as the sound of falling water. Instinctively, it has a calming effect on our mind & body. It allows the stress of the day to fall away. It gives a garden design a destination that draws us outdoors. That’s why our clients love our wide variety of fountains & waterfalls.

When our designers meet with you to first discuss your new water feature, we take care to make sure that it is designed for maximum impact within the landscape. We look at placement (“Where can we take advantage of window views?”), style of your home (“Should our water feature be more natural/rustic or maybe more modern/contemporary?”), use of sound (“Where can we place our water feature to make sure to bring that soothing sound of falling water into the home/outdoor living space?”) & so much more. Our talented designers will work with you to find a style of water feature that best fits your home & garden. Whether it is a stylish pot fountain or a majestic rock waterfall, we will create a water feature you will truly love.

Our custom rock waterfalls offer clients the rugged, natural beauty of richly colored stone combined with the dynamic visual of cascading water. Our rock waterfalls are completely customizable so we can go as big or as small as you want to fit your garden. We use a combination of large boulders/stones along with smaller cobblestone, river stone & natural slate falls to ensure that your custom waterfall has all the hallmarks of a natural waterfall. We craft our custom waterfalls completely from the ground up, so along the way we are able to make changes to ensure that end result is better than your wildest dreams.

If fountains are more your style than we have countless options for you to find the perfect one for your home & garden. Each year, we import a diverse selection of ceramic fountains from manufacturers throughout Europe & Asia. These ceramic fountains meet the highest quality standards. Our fountains are available in countless colors & style options. In addition to these gorgeous pot fountains, we can always design/construct a one-of-a-kind fountain for you & your property.

Regardless of your water feature preference, we always suggest a visit to our Botanical Garden to see the many water feature options in-person. Our sprawling property is over 20,000 sq/ft of garden space & is filled with dozens of unique waterfalls & fountains!

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