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Artificial Turf: Lush, Green, & Water Friendly

Our artificial grass options give your lawn perfect curb appeal season after season. During these times of unprecedented drought, homeowners are struggling every day to keep their grass healthy & green. As watering restrictions intensify, this will be difficult for even the most determined homeowner. Thankfully, the artificial turf options of today are so lush & green that many homeowners are fooled into thinking it’s freshly laid grass!

Saving water, time & maintenance

For many homeowners, the most important part of their landscape is their lawn. Artificial turf ensures a beautiful lawn without the constant maintenance issues & water consumption of natural grass. Did you know that for most natural grass lawns, each square foot of grass consumes nearly 90 gallons of water per year! As the California drought extends into another year, restrictions on watering have become even more aggressive for homeowners. Opting for artificial grass will add to your yearly savings on water & make sure that regardless of the drought, your lawn is the most beautiful on the block. Aside from just watering, many homeowners pour countless dollars & hours into fertilizing, mowing, & weeding their natural grass lawns. With artificial turf, you can rest easy knowing that no matter the season, your lawn will be lush & green.

Synthetic grass

The California Drought: Converting to Artificial Grass Has Never Been More Important

Water has become an ever-more precious resource in California & changing your grass to artificial turf is a great first step towards water conservation. You will be saving thousands of gallons of water & making a beautiful impact on your neighborhood. The restrictions on water will only become more aggressive in the coming years & it’s best to be prepared for what may come. The drought conditions in California have forever changed how we think about water in the landscape & artificial turf has helped to prove that a lush, green lawn is still possible

Today’s Artificial Grass is a Lush as the Real Thing

For decades, artificial turf & artificial grass were shunned by many homeowners because the quality of the turf thatch had never risen above common AstroTurf. Those days are long behind us now. Today's artificial grass looks so convincingly real that many of our clients cannot tell the difference at first glance. These new artificial grass thatches have a rich, green coloring that is also matched by its incredible durability. Actually, artificial turf is even more functionally useful than natural grass. It turns any area into a durable, green patio space. It’s perfect for setting up a table & enjoying a glass of wine in your garden or even dining al fresco. Whether the lawn is simply for looks or for a recreational sports area, our artificial grass options will fit your needs perfectly.

Synthetic turf

The Perfect Solution for Green Grass Season After Season: Artificial Turf

Whether you are trying to save your household budget from rising water prices or you are wanting a lawn that does not demand constant maintenance, artificial turf is ideal. Our clients love the fact that regardless of the season, their lawn shines like a beacon of green. They also love the fact that our artificial grass thatches are friendly for both pets & children. As with any home improvement project, converting your property's lawn to synthetic turf is an investment.

We work with our clients to ensure that their budget is well-spent. Artificial grass is certainly more expensive initially than natural grass, but it is always important to weigh your options. Our designers will help you understand the best location, in your yard, for artificial turf. Even if shrinking the overall turf footprint is necessary, we will help you understand your options. 

Bakersfield Putting Greens

Discover All the Advantages of Artificial Turf

If you would like to learn more about how we can help your family achieve your dreams of having a luxurious resort-like backyard living environment, call us today. We are happy to visit your home and provide ideas beyond your imagination. We are the swimming pool builder of choice in all of Kern County.

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