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Outdoor Fire Pits & Fireplaces: Get Cozy Outdoors

Stay warm & create a truly welcoming outdoor environment with our outdoor fire pits & fireplaces. The outdoors should be enjoyable regardless of the season. Cold weather shouldn’t keep you & your guests from enjoying the beauty of your backyard. Our custom outdoor fire pits are the perfection solution! These stunning centerpieces create an instant gathering space for you & your family & bring everyone together no matter the temperature outside.

Create a Backyard Destination with Your Very Own Outdoor Fire Pit

We spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. And yet, we feel a draw to be outdoors. Our outdoor fire pits & fireplaces allow our clients to entertain & relax outdoors in the beauty of nature. Our customizable outdoor fire pits & fireplaces give you the freedom to design the perfect destination for your home & garden. You can create a rustic, roaring fire using natural stone & slate. Or you can create a crisp, modern outdoor fire pit with the beauty of formed concrete. Our designers will work with you to discover what fits your style & needs the best.

Fire pit

An Outdoor Fire Pit for Any Backyard

As designers, we look far beyond your outdoor fire pit to determine what would be best for your property. We look at the architecture of your home, we look at the size of the space, we look at neighboring textures & colors, & so much more. We want your outdoor fire pit to fit perfectly into your property, like it had always been there. Creating a truly outstanding outdoor living space is also about designing the elements that surround it. Our designers will help you create an environment that is an extension of your home & just as welcoming. A lattice patio can be a great addition to provide essential shade through summer. Architectural seating is always popular for permanent, stylized seating options in the landscape. And, of course, an outdoor firepit is a visual draw & crowd favorite during the colder seasons. Our designers will help you create the perfect additions to your outdoor living space & landscape.

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit

A truly inviting outdoor living space is much more than just a concrete pad & patio furniture. Create a one-of-a-kind destination in your home & garden with a custom outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Our designers will show you how a custom outdoor fire pit can elevate your entire design. Everything about your new fire feature can be customized to best fit your home. We will help you select a finish that compliments the architecture & style of your property. Whether it is classical stucco, manufactured ledger stone, or natural stacked stone, we will find an option that is perfect for your outdoor fire pit. Our designers will guide you through cap selections for your outdoor fire pit so whether you love a naturally rich flagstone or a colored, concrete option we’ll find one that both you & your guests will love.

Fire pits Bakersfield

Find Your Outdoor Fire Pit Inspiration by Touring Our Gardens

If you are struggling to decide what options may work best for your outdoor living space, we suggest a visit to our Botanical Garden & Design Studio. There, within our nearly two acres worth of sprawling gardens, you will find a number of outdoor fire pit options. You & your family will be able to see the different finish options, feel the excellent craftsmanship & discover which one best fits your home. You will also be able to see many perfect additions for your outdoor fire pit and fireplace such as patios & custom seating. If you would like more information or inspiring ideas, we suggest a design consultation with one our team members to help you begin creating your perfect outdoor kitchen. 

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We’re Here to Help Create Your Perfect Outdoor Fire Pit Design

If you’re wanting to begin the process of designing your very own outdoor fire pit or fireplace, feel free to contact us directly to schedule a design consultation at your property. Our talented designers will walk you through the options & associated costs with your design. Reach out to us today & we will bring your outdoor dreams to life!

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