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Landscape Design: Bring Nature Home

Our Company was founded on a passion for creating one-of-a-kind gardens, & 60-plus years later nothing has changed. At our core, we are dedicated to designing & building beautiful landscape designs. We work with clients every day to bring their unique outdoor dreams to life. A truly remarkable landscape design goes far beyond simply planting trees and & shrubs. Our landscape designs focus on the entire property to ensure that every single piece feels connected & adds to the overall beauty of the design.

A Rich History in Landscape Design

Since 1953, we have created thousands of unique landscape designs throughout the Central Valley & beyond. When Fred Monji founded our firm over 60 years ago, all he started with was his passion for the garden. He loved creating one-of-a-kind landscapes & taking care of his clients as if they were family. He carefully crafted each landscape design as if it were his own home. He was famous for saying the “If you listen to the garden long enough, she will tell you what she wants.” Before the age of computer renderings & elaborate landscape design plans, Fred would take the time to carefully layout his landscape design for his clients so that they too could share his vision. Fred would arrange plants & trees as if he were painting on a canvas. Over 60 years later, this passion lives with us today, as we work with you to create your perfect landscape design.

Bakersfield landscape design

Looking Beyond the Plants & Trees

We understand that a landscape design is much more than just sod, plants, & trees. Each landscape design is as unique as the client who commissions it. Whether it is a beautiful garden, a magnificent pool, an outdoor kitchen or custom patio, we will make your dream a reality. We take a holistic approach to your design, looking at every area of the property & how it can be utilized to bring our shared vision to life. We want our landscape design to be an extension of & a compliment to your home. The landscape design & the home design should enrich each other. We want your guests to feel as though they’ve stepped out into the largest ‘room’ of your home, & feel your unique style. We take the time to carefully craft a landscape design that brings together all of your desired elements, in a beautiful & enjoyable final arrangement.

Beginning Your Landscape Design

We begin your landscape design process by carefully examining your property & your goals for the space. Will you be using the landscape for entertaining? Relaxing? Or, are you simply looking for a beautiful view? Are we wanting to incorporate any specific items? These could be a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor fire pit, water features, etc. All of these items lead to design decisions that help us make sure that your landscape design is everything you wanted & more.

Garden designers

A Landscape Design That Fits Your Budget

We will craft a landscape design that is beautiful, sustainable & works for your budget. We also understand that many of our clients must break their project up into phases. We have always designed using a philosophy that we should begin by designing your dream garden. Let’s anticipate everything you may want. This will give us the roadmap to our final destination. Now, if the budget does not allow this to be all accomplished at once, we can break up the project into phases but we still all know where we are going & what the final destination is. Our experienced team will help you prioritize goals for each phase & set realistic budgets. Our designers will help you create a "roadmap" so that regardless of how many phases there are, the end result is just as beautiful. 

Landscape architecture

Endless Possibilities, One Company

Instead of relying on five different contractors to complete your project, trust one Company to ensure that each step from landscape design to construction is seamless. Creating a landscape design can be a stressful endeavor & that is why our clients love the fact that throughout their project there is one Company at the helm. Even if the project encompasses multiple areas of construction, our experienced designers & contractors will work together as team to bring your landscape design to life. It is this commitment to superior customer service & quality that has made our Company the most trusted landscape design firm in the Central Valley & beyond.

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