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Our Landscape Design Process

Our expert designers will create a unique vision for your property that transforms the space into your dream environment. The landscape design process may be the most fundamentally crucial element to creating your perfect outdoor oasis. This is the beginning of everything that is to come after it. This is the vital step that must consider the entire space & what our shared goals are. Initially, we make sure to get as much information from you as possible so that we can understand what we are trying to achieve. We want to understand your wants, your likes & dislikes so that these elements can all be considered during the landscape design process. Ultimately, we are creating vision for you to understand the final destination we want to reach after construction is complete. It is the diligent & concentrated work during the landscape design process that ensures the final product is everything we imagined & so much more.


Landscape Design Consultation

The initial step to our landscape design process is when our landscape designers meet with you at your property & discover exactly what you are looking for in a landscape design. During this first step of the landscape design process, we evaluate your construction goals & give you the valuable feedback needed to make sound design decisions. We also look at your existing property to understand what opportunities & challenges that may need to be addressed. We may have a neighbor’s second story window that disrupts our sense of privacy. Or, our property may face south-west & be in dire need of shade. Or, our property may have a beautiful view of the rolling mountains & we want a landscape that will compliment without detracting from that view. Being aware of these opportunities & challenges is essential to understanding how the landscape design process will work with your property. Finally, they will develop a conceptual vision for the space & give you a realistic idea of the project's cost.

Landscape Design

During the landscape design process, our team can also create conceptual drawings & 3D renderings to help you visualize the dramatic transformation involved in your landscape design. During this stage of landscape design process, our designers really begin to delve deeply into your project. We consider all of the items of construction & how these affect each other. Part of this stage of the landscape design process is looking forward. We want to look at items that may be for much further down the road for you & your property. If you may want a fire pit in a couple of years & we are already designing your outdoor kitchen island, we will consider this during the landscape design process of your outdoor living space & planning for gas/utility connections. When we make our final presentation to you, we want you to have complete vision for the project & an understanding of its costs.

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Landscape Construction

Once we have completed the landscape design process & generated a master plan for your landscape design, our construction staff will begin to make your dream a reality. Due to the diligent work accomplished during the landscape design process, our construction team members are able to approach your project with a clear vision for the ultimate goal. Our talented construction team members & partners understand our high expectations. While many others contractors needlessly focus on comprising the design, we focus on delivering the project as it was originally envisioned. Our design & construction teams work together to ensure that the transition from concept to final product is seamless. Together, our design & construction teams handle materials selections, on-site layouts, & final approvals with you to ensure that the project is what we all hoped to achieve.


Begin the Landscape Design Process Today with a Consultation.

Our team of talented designers & construction professionals are ready to begin creating your next outdoor improvement project. Contact us today & we look forward to bringing your outdoor dreams to life.

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