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Swimming Pool & Landscape Design Transforms Dirt Lot into Vacation Destination

Our clients had just purchased a new property in the southwest area of Bakersfield & were desperately wanting to have the dirt lot transformed as quickly as possible. On their wish list was a small swimming pool / plunge pool, an outdoor kitchen & some kind of shade structure to shelter them from the Summer temperatures. Also, their lot had a very troublesome slope at its rear that needed to be addressed.

We began by looking at the slope first. This needed to be resolved so that we had more freedom to create our client's perfect outdoor living space. We wanted something that would not just fix the slope problem but also offer a dramatic view to the landscape design. We opted to build the retaining wall out of traditional concrete block & then decorate it with a richly colored veneer stone. Its presence is felt throughout the landscape & makes for a gorgeous backdrop.

Next, we focused on the swimming pool design. As swimming pool builders, we understand that everyone wants something different for their pool design. Our clients did not need a massive swimming pool for cannonballs or swimming laps. Instead, they simply wanted a cool & relaxing retreat where they could escape the Summer heatwave. We created a beautiful plunge pool that perfectly fits their property. We also capitalized on the available retaining wall by creating a one-of-a-kind water feature with metal scuppers. The new swimming pool design & fountain now create the perfect focal point for the entire property.

Our next area of focus was on creating shade & an outdoor living space for our clients & their large family. We built a spacious lattice pergola off of the main residence to create a large shade footprint that's perfect for entertaining or dining al fresco. In addition to the patio structure, we incorporated a custom fire pit & outdoor kitchen to complete the space. Now our clients can have their whole family over with room to spare.

Finally, we addressed the general landscape design by focusing on water-friendly plants that popped with color. We also added a few patches of lush, synthetic grass to make landscape complete.


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