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Swimming Pool Design Transforms Backyard into Private Resort Getaway for the Whole Family

When our clients first approached us regarding their property, they had a clear vision of their dream backyard. They wanted a complete resort oasis right outside their backdoor. They dreamed of spacious pool space that would accommodate their large family & many more friends. In particular, they wanted a swimming pool design that would be one-of-a-kind & create a real destination for family gatherings. Beyond the swimming pool design, they also wanted the landscape surrounding the swimming pool to be extremely lush & to help create a more private feeling within the space.

Our concept for a one-of-a-kind swimming pool design was to create an expansive pool space with cascading rock waterfalls, multi-level deck areas, & a truly unique Lazy River feature! This would help to create a true resort-feel in our clients’ landscape design.

After performing an extensive demolition & dig of the designated area, we began to form up our new pool space. The existing site had a number of areas where the grade of the pool deck would need to change significantly. In order to tackle this challenge, we decided that we would slightly elevate the pool in certain spots. This would not only remediate our grade issues but it would also allow us to incorporate raised seating areas around the spacious pool deck.

Next, we began to create our rock waterfall & slide for our swimming pool design. We opted for sculpted concrete boulders so that we could perfectly hide the pool’s slide & have more freedom to create the exact contours/shapes our clients were wanting. Our talented team of craftsmen were able to beautifully mimic the ruggedness of natural stone & give the boulders amazingly realistic colors as well. Along with our water slide, we also incorporated a number of waterfalls into the pool design to create the relaxing sound of falling water. For our pool deck, we wanted a finish that would seamlessly tie into our newly created rock waterfall. We selected a natural-texture stamped concrete with hints of grey tones to give it the look & feel of stone.

Our clients were loving the process & were super excited to see us begin the pool’s lazy river! In order to create a channel for our clients to travel using the lazy river, we constructed a large island planter in the middle of the pool. We even dropped in a towering Fan Palm & lush, tropical plantings to give it that true resort feel! We even added half a dozen Once we were finished our clients now had a swimming pool design that most would only see in a Las Vegas resort!

Beyond the swimming pool design, we also gave the entire landscape a complete makeover as well! We added a number of stylish, market umbrellas to the landscape design to create shade & add a ‘pop’ of color. We even added a massive shade structure to the children’s play structure to keep them cool during Spring/Summer. We also updated the landscape’s planting palette to make sure we had more color, blooms, & variety to the garden.

Now, when our clients step outside their backdoor, they have a complete resort destination that can be enjoyed season after season!


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