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Raised Planter Breathes New Life into Landscape Design

Our clients were frustrated with the landscape surrounding their pool. It had a sloped area that was being supported by aging & deteriorating railroad ties. Inside the sloped garden planter, our clients had struggled to get anything to grow & were about to give up. They desperately wanted a space that would provide a lusher backdrop for their pool space & a more inviting space for entertaining.

We completely got rid of the tired old railroad ties & set to work creating our raised garden beds. We constructed it using a cinderblock wall that we also added a stucco coat to in order to match the house. Atop the wall, we installed a pre-cast concrete cap that added a rich brown cap to the wall.

Within our raised garden, we added beautiful blooming perennials like Day Lilies & Lantana. Because our clients had a passion for tropical varieties, we added Pygmy Date Palms, Mediterranean Fan Palms, & Pineapple Guava bushes. We also added a striking Star Jasmine trellis to the main fence line to create a lush green backdrop & bring a powerful fragrance to the space.

Finally, we removed a troublesome turf area to create an expanded patio space. This gave our clients more room to entertain & enjoy their stunning new garden design.

-Since 1953, Monji Landscape Companies has been a leader in landscape design, landscape construction, & landscape maintenance.


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