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Private Residence: Slate Patio Design


Our clients loved to entertain and host massive gatherings. Their annual New Year’s Eve party boasts over 150 guests every year. Unfortunately, their yard had one major problem: an old spa and raised section of concrete created a massive bottle-neck during large events. It created a large area of dead space that they know could be better utilized.

Our concept was to do away with the cumbersome spa and to create a stunning patio design with a custom fire pit design as yet another draw for guests during events. Our clients loved the idea but they had a reservation: the existing concrete was a mix of different colors and they worried about adding yet another color to the mix. To solve this dilemma, we created the patio design using a rich, natural slate so the space would completely “pop” and would separate itself from the neighboring concrete.

We also incorporated the natural slate into the construction of the fire pit design so that it would feel even more connected with the new patio design. We used a stunning ledger stone to frame the circular fire pit design and even installed a fire ring with additional jets so that it would really “roar” during a big party.

Now are clients have even more room to entertain and their new fire pit design has become a main attraction at each party.


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