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Private Residence: Intimate Garden Design

Many people are under the misconception that unless you have a massive estate or a huge property, you cannot have a stunning landscape design. This is totally false! We love small gardens, or intimate spaces because they allow us as designers to be even more creative with how we fit our elements into a smaller footprint. Also, elements seem even larger & more dramatic in a smaller garden. This was definitely the case with one our recent projects, a private residence that screamed “potential”.

The site was a narrow, passage garden that ended at the rear with a small patio space. The yard had few surviving plants, a struggling lawn, & did little to compliment the home’s architecture.

We created a wonderful, intimate garden that now screams with the energy of our client. There are countless blooming plants & trees, all exploding in a complimentary palette. We utilized water fountains in our main focal points & to bring the relaxing sound of water into the home. We also expanded the living space by adding two Aluma-Wood patio covers & expanding the hardscape. Finally, we dramatically reduced the property’s water footprint by completely eliminating the front & rear lawns. Instead, we used a lush, synthetic lawn alternative that is now the envy of the block!

Our client could not be happier with the transformation & the ease & comfort that her intimate garden provides.


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