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Private Residence: Estate Garden Design Improvements

Our clients’ purchased this large, golf-course view estate earlier this year & absolutely loved the architecture. Unfortunately, the landscape was overgrown & completely detracted from the structure & beauty of the residence. Massive Ginkgo trees had been left unattended for years & were blocking the shape of the architecture. Overgrown shrubs were blocking walkways & further cluttering the main views. Our clients wanted to completely change the landscape so that it would finally complement the grand nature of the home.

We began by removing the massive 20-foot tall Gingko trees that obscured the main view of the house. Next, we thoroughly cleaned out the planting beds in order to reveal the main entry & make room for more desirable plantings.

Our clients desired a more tropical planting palette, so we used massive Queen Palms & Canary Island Palms as the main vertical elements in the design. Unlike the Ginkgo trees, the Queen Palms did not obscure the main view of the residence. Instead they offered a soft touch of foliage at the canopy that accentuated the height of the estate.

Next, we installed our beautiful Montecito water fountain at the entry of the residence. The formal shape of the fountain ties in beautifully with the architecture & now guests that enter are welcomed with the soothing sound of flowing water.

In order to add yet another vertical element to the design, we espaliered Pyracantha climbers onto custom garden trellises along the property’s walls. Finally, we layered the main planters with tons of beautiful bloomers like the Red Bird Azalea, Razzleberry, Sea Lavender & Agapanthus.

Now our clients’ garden is finally in perfect harmony with the stunning architecture of their estate property.


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