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Outdoor Kitchen & Fire Pit Seating Area Create Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Our clients desperately wanted more from their back yard. While they had an existing pool & a rather large pergola over their back porch, there was still very little to really pull you outside. They dreamed of having a space that they could use for entertaining their large, extended family. Specifically, they envisioned a fire pit & an outdoor kitchen that might help create an extended living space outside.

We worked with our clients to determine the perfect location for each of these very unique outdoor items. Nothing beats the beautiful, dancing fire from a fire pit for a one-of-a-kind visual outside a window. For that reason, we designed our fire pit so that its view would be captured from numerous windows. This visual would also be the first one that guests would see as they walked through the home’s front door. We also crafted a beautiful architectural bench around the fire pit area so that our clients & their guests could lounge comfortably around the roaring fire. We used a ledger stone finish for the face of the fire pit & bench, so that this new addition would tie into the home’s existing architecture. We also used colored, polished concrete for the finish of the caps for both these items. This added yet another colorful tone to the space & a very natural finish.

Next, we set out on creating our clients’ perfect kitchen island. Our clients did not want a massive outdoor kitchen island; they were worried that it might dominate the space. They simply wanted an island that would accommodate a large smoker & plenty of counter space for cooking. They also wanted the outdoor kitchen island to have a bar space for guests to relax & gather. We matched the ledger stone that we used on the fire pit & architectural bench to create the finished look to the island. We constructed the grill space around a brand new Traeger smoker, our clients’ favorite smoker brand. We also incorporated a couple of drawers so that our clients’ could store all the necessary grilling utensils. Finally, we finished off the countertop using colored, polished concrete to once again tie this new element to our fire pit & bench items. The polished look gives a smooth texture & a natural feel.

Our clients were so in love with these elements, they had one more request: they wanted a storage island to hold their many pillow cushions they used for their outdoor furniture. We constructed an island, very similar to the kitchen island, that offered tons of space for storing their cushions. We fabricated custom stainless-steel doors to give it a clean, finished look. We also matched the stone & countertops that we had used for our other elements to make the new storage island feel right at home.

Now our clients have an outdoor living space that is inviting & exciting all year long!


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