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Landscape Design Transforms Courtyard into Outdoor Living Space

Our clients struggled with their main courtyard for years. Previously, it had been dominated by a large, rarely used swimming pool. The swimming pool confined the space & made it difficult to get the most out of the large courtyard. Our clients wanted the space completely redesigned, even if it meant getting rid of the pool. They wanted a space that would offer an open floor plan & give them room to entertain their large family.

We completely removed the swimming pool & began creating a true, outdoor living space. We created a number of unique raised planters using a stucco & tile that matched the home's architecture. Within these planters, we added two stunning rock waterfalls to bring the soothing sound of water into the space. In the main center planter we installed a massive, field grown Olive tree. These planters added built-in seating to the entire courtyard.

We then addressed the floors of the patio. For our entry walks & stairways we incorporated a tile that matched what was used inside the residence. Then, for the main courtyard space, we dramatically contrasted the tile with a richly colored broken concrete.

Finally, we added a stunning vertical garden that stretched from one end of the garden design to the other. It also helped shield guests views of the main driveway. Hundreds of plants create a rich mosaic of color & texture.

Now our clients have an expansive patio that allows them to easily entertain over 100 people at any given time!


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