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Landscape Design: Private Residence

When developing a landscape design, very rarely do you work with an entirely blank slate. For us at Monji Landscape Co., a Bakersfield Landscape Company, many projects begin with a landscape that has been in the ground for years and years. This always presents unique opportunities when creating a new and dynamic landscape design within an established property. This was the starting point for our landscape construction project at a Bakersfield private residence.

The property offered a pool and an expansive grass area that dominated the garden. Also, our clients loved to entertain but, unfortunately the hardscape areas of the landscape offered little shade and lacked any outdoor kitchen or bar areas. Overall, our clients wanted to add more drama to the landscape design and to create a beautiful environment for entertaining and outdoor gatherings.

The landscape design we created sought to achieve all of our clients’ wishes. We expanded the overall patio, thus areas that would previously roast in the summer’s heat, were now comfortably shaded. We also created a Custom Outdoor BBQ with ample bar seating for guests to enjoy their drinks and meals. A beautiful outdoor fire pit was also constructed to match the new outdoor kitchen and create even more entertaining space.

In order to add more focal points to the landscape, additional pond-less fountains and pond-less waterfalls were added to a beautifully sculpted retaining wall within the new garden. This also offered space for eye-catching pots filled with colorful flowers. We also created a beautiful green wall featuring climbing iceberg roses to enclose the garden areas from the less attractive driveway space. LED landscape lighting was also added to maintain the drama of the landscape even at night. Finally, our clients had an inviting environment to host friends and enjoy the dramatic beauty of nature right outside their backdoor.

Since 1953, Monji Landscape Companies has been a leader in landscape design, landscape construction, and landscape maintenance.


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