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Landscape Design: Mountain Ranch Retreat

As a Landscape Design Company that has been in business since 1953, we here at Monji Landscape Companies have had the privilege of creating landscape designs in many unique areas around the United States. One such unique property was a beautiful mountain retreat in Bear Valley, Tehachapi upon which our clients asked us to create their dream garden design. Our clients’ property offered stunning views of the mountains & valley & our landscape design needed to capture the natural feel of the surrounding environment. Also, our clients wanted plenty of blooming color utilizing plants that were hardy to the climate zone so that they would not need to be replaced year-after-year. They also asked for the sound of flowing water to be an integral part of the garden design.

The space we had to work with was a massive landing out from the house, with a dramatic drop-off point. This landing offered a south-facing view of the entire valley. We wanted to create a type of passage garden through the space so that each area had its own draw & its own beautiful view.

We began by creating granite-overlay walkways throughout the entire space so that one could easily find their way through the garden & the granite-overlay gave a much more natural look to the hardscape. Next, we created a total of six stunning water features; three stunning pond-less waterfalls & three hand-sculpted fountains. This collection of unique water elements gives the entire property a melody of unique water sounds.We also installed a hand-sculpted concrete fire pit to complete the elements of earth, water & fire within the landscape design. We added sculpted boulders to the fire pit’s design to once again tie-into the surrounding natural landscape.

Once completed, our clients had a dream garden that perfectly complimented their beautiful vistas & gave them even more reason to venture outdoors.


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