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Landscape Design: Mercy Downtown Healing Garden

Throughout history, gardens have been revered for their therapeutic essence. There is an undeniable level of relief that is gained through experiencing nature in the form of creative landscape design. Thus, gardens are critically important to a healing environment. Thankfully, in recent years, there has been greater value placed on the benefits that these spaces bring to a hospital’s patients, staff, and visitors.

Commissioned with creating a beautiful and therapeutic landscape at Mercy Hospital, in Bakersfield, California, Monji Landscape Companies sought to capture all the elements of a true healing garden. As a canvas, Monji Landscape Companies was given a stark and rarely traveled walkway through the east side of the Mercy’s downtown campus. The space had nothing inviting to speak of and was in dire need of a makeover. The Bakersfield landscape design company knew that this was an opportunity to bring the healing power of nature into the halls of Mercy Hospital.

As a result of the generous donations of Diane Lake, in memory of her beloved daughter Catherine, the space was completely transformed. The creation of Monji’s landscape designers, what stands now is a beautiful pathway of ornamental trees, colorful flowers, and amazing fountains. From the moment you walk into the garden, you hear the calming sounds of the six custom fountains and pond-less waterfalls. With each step, the eyes are delighted by the dramatic splashes of color created by the lush trees and flowers. Now with plenty to draw visitors in, the garden also boasts plenty of custom stone benches for patients, staff, and others to enjoy. The Healing Garden has received rave reviews ever since unveiling in the summer of 2011 and recently received the Beautiful Bakersfield Award in the category of Best Commercial Remodel.


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