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Garden Design: Synthetic Turf Breathes New Life into Property

Our clients were growing tired of how much maintenance & water their expansive lawn required to stay green all year. They dreamed of a lush, water-friendly garden design that would use less water & cause them less headaches.

We began creating their dream landscape design by completely removing every square foot of lawn in their garden. Next, we began expanding their planters using large, natural boulder groupings to give the landscape a more natural feel. Now, we also had the space to create unique seating areas within the garden. We created one unique space using a natural slate stone right outside their main entry. Accented with a sculpted Japanese Black Pine & granite Foo Dogs, it is a beautiful place to enjoy sunrise or sunset.

Next, we sculpted pathways throughout the landscape using decomposed granite to once again give it a more natural aesthetic. The paths lead guests throughout the property & to private seating areas underneath large shade trees.

Finally, we put the cherry on top! We installed a lush thatch of synthetic turf that gave the garden design a finished look. The synthetic turf gives our clients a stunning green look 365 days a year without the headaches of real grass. Even the neighbors were fooled by the lush green look of their synthetic turf!


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