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Estate Garden Design

The grand architecture of our clients’ home was stunning by any measure. However, they never felt like their landscape design adequately complimented the drama of the home’s beauty. In fact, there were a number of areas within the landscape, where the plants & trees actually deterred from the home’s aesthetic. The previous landscape design was over-cluttered with too many varieties that it often appeared “busy” to the eye. Tree selection & placement was another problem. Aside from once again containing far too many varieties, many trees had also grown to obscure the view to the home & detracted from the architecture.

In order to create a balanced & beautiful design for this estate, we completely cleared the overly-cluttered flower beds. We created a simple palette of White Iceberg roses, Red Europeana roses, Sea Lavender, ornamental grasses & Kangardoo Paws. In our more shaded spaces, we used heavy drifts of Hydrangeas, Azaleas, & Camelias. We also used hundreds of Blue Seneccio succulents to create a softening effect along garden pathways. In addition, we wanted to compliment many of the tree varieties our clients loved so we added a number of Swan Hill fruitless Olive trees. Another unique touch was adding a large, fabricated trellis to a blank wall. We installed Star Jasmine onto the trellis & now there is a lush, green wall to accent the stucco colors of the home.

This project was an immense undertaking, even though it was primarily planting. We used hundreds of plants to create a dramatic volume of plant material that would do justice to the stunning architecture of the residence. Now, our clients enjoy a true estate garden that is a feast for the eyes throughout the seasons.


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