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Drought Tolerant Makeover

Our clients had thousands of square feet of turf in their front yard that was consuming countless gallons of water & was a maintenance nightmare. They were so tired with the headaches of weeds, mowing, spraying & the ever-rising cost of water to keep it green.

Our clients asked us to create a drought tolerant landscape design that would complement their south-west style home & would dramatically reduce their maintenance.

We began by chemically treating the lawn to completely kill the turf thatch. Then we excavated out the entire lawn plus an additional 3 inches. We then brought in load after load of a rich colored, tan decomposed granite to fill our landscape beds. Underneath this layer of compacted decomposed granite we made sure to install a commercial-grade weed barrier to further abate weed germination.

Next, we created a stunning, meandering dry creek bed that would flow through the landscape and create movement through the design. We used river stone, cobble stone, and large landscape boulders for different sizes and textures. After our stone work was complete, we then brought in our drought tolerant plants and trees. We used many of our favorite drought tolerant varieties including Agave Americana, Agave Desmettiana, Palo Verde, African Daisy, Texas Sage and Lantana.

Once completed, our clients were free of their problematic lawn and had a beautiful, low-maintenance, drought tolerant garden to enjoy.


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