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Backyard Becomes Complete Outdoor Living Space

When our clients first approached us about recreating their backyard, they initially just envisioned adding some small areas of synthetic turf. They were relatively happy with their backyard swimming pool, but knew the property had so much more potential. They just did not quite know where to begin. We asked critical questions like, “What do you like to do outdoors?”, “Do you entertain a lot?”, & “If you could add one thing to your backyard, what would it be?”. The answers we got were extremely helpful! Our clients loved to be outside but did not feel like the backyard was as welcoming as they would like it. There were not enough areas to gather or relax. They loved to cook, but the backyard did not offer the opportunity to grill & entertain at the same time. Ultimately, we all agreed that what our clients wanted was a true outdoor living space! Once we had this goal in mind, we got right to work.

We began by identifying three key items we wanted focus on creating for our clients: a spacious outdoor kitchen island with plenty of seating, shade structures to protect our clients from the sweltering summer heat, & dedicated areas to relax & enjoy the pool & landscape. We started with our clients’ outdoor kitchen island. Our clients wanted an outdoor kitchen island that felt connected to the home, had plenty of cooking space, & bar seating for friends & family. We found a massive grill insert that would give our clients plenty of room for steaks, hamburgers & so much more! We added an outdoor-rated fridge & an ice chest so they’d never run out of cold beverages during a party. The L-shaped island we created gave room for up to nine barstools! Now, no matter how big the party, our clients’ have plenty of seating around the outdoor kitchen island. A lot of our clients love the look of concrete countertops, but this time our clients wanted a completely different look. They found a gorgeous granite slab & asked us to incorporate into the design. We used to finalize the spacious outdoor kitchen space & it looks great!

Next, we set out to create generous shade throughout the landscape. We created a beautiful lattice pergola over our clients’ spacious outdoor kitchen island. This would give our clients plenty of shade in the summer & ventilation for the cooking area. Next, we created a lovely, pergola cabana near the swimming pool. This free-standing pergola gave our clients enough room to accommodate a wonderful outdoor bed to use for much needed rest & relaxation. To give this pergola a grander feel, we created custom bases for the posts & finished them with veneer stone to match the outdoor kitchen island. We added fans & lights to complete these awesome additions to our clients’ outdoor living space.

Finally, we looked to add one more item on our clients’ wish list: a custom fire pit! We eyed an are neighboring the new outdoor kitchen island & close to the home. For the floor space we decided to add a new texture to the landscape by using a gorgeous natural flagstone. This gives the space a completely different look from the pool deck or main patio. Next, we added a beautiful fire pit that is perfect for evening entertainment & has plenty of room for seating around the fire pit. With their new outdoor kitchen island, spacious patios, & roaring fire pit, our clients now have the perfect outdoor living space for all seasons!


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