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A Drought Tolerant Garden Anyone Would Love

The landscape design & construction of our client’s wonderful, water-wise garden began very simply: our client was tired of her boring yard & desperately wanted a beautiful landscape design makeover that would also be environmentally friendly. We began the landscape design process by evaluating the pros & cons of her existing landscape. Thankfully, she was blessed with two massive Crape Myrtle trees that beautifully anchored the entire front yard. She also had a quaint little pond in the back yard that boasted gorgeous lotus plants during the warmer seasons. Finally, she had a rustic wood pergola that added a lot of character to the front & backyard porch. Unfortunately, beyond these highlights, there wasn’t much else that really stood out. Therefore, aside from these items, we looked at her landscape as a clean-slate with lots of opportunities. In the front yard, we focused the landscape design on honoring the strength & beauty of the Crape Myrtles in our landscape design. We crafted a meandering dry creek bed that naturally cut through the landscape design & leads your eyes back to these majestic trees. We added Star Jasmine as a vine to climb against the wooden pergola. This wonderful plant boasts a beautiful & fragrant bloom while also being drought tolerant! We complimented the overall landscape design with a planting palette of Kangaroo Paw, Bottlebrush, Salvias, & Agaves to add color/texture. In the backyard, we not only focused on creating a beautiful landscape design but also a relaxing outdoor living space. Our client loved her rustic wood pergola, but wanted something a little more modern for rest of the patio space. And, instead of boring grey concrete, she wanted something with more color & texture for the floor space. We created a spacious, Infinity Shade Cover that was the perfect solution for her patio. It has an airiness & a lightness that contrasts beautifully with her wood pergola. It also offers a lot of shade, which was a must! Next, we created a roomy patio & beautiful pathways throughout the landscape design using a richly colored flagstone. It has vibrant colors & movement that really catch the eye. Finally, in the back yard, we added more drought tolerant plantings (Aloes, Agaves, Dianellas, etc.) to ensure that the back yard landscape design matched the beauty of the front yard landscape design. Now our client is able to sit & relax in the ease & comfort of a truly gorgeous garden.


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