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Step outside and close your eyes. Imagine your dream landscape. Think of the beautiful trees, the blossoming flowers. Picture the cool, blue waters of your custom swimming  pool. Envision your friends and family gathered around the comforting flames of your stone fire pit. These are the outdoor experiences that we will create for you, and much more. We will create a professional landscape which is beyond your wildest dreams.

Over fifty years of experience in professional landscape design  and a history of thousands of beautifully crafted landscapes are what we bring into your garden. Our experience has given us the expertise to create every facet of your dream professional landscape. No matter the desire, we will bring it to life. Allow us to bring nature home for you and we will create a masterpiece for you to enjoy for decades to come. –Bakersfield Professional Landscape Design by Monji

Offering Professional Landscape Design Services in Bakersfield

Bringing Nature Home … Professional Landscaping by Monji

“If I was someone wanting to build a professional landscape, I wouldn’t want to hassle with trying to hire a pool contractor, a carpenter, a landscaper and then finally search for a gardener to maintain it. I would want to be able to call and rely on one company. That’s what our clients want and that’s what we give them.”—Dan Monji, Owner and Senior Designer

One company, that’s all you need. That’s our philosophy and we believe is the key to achieving a truly beautiful professional landscape. Instead of hiring a dozen different companies for your professional custom landscape design, why not hire one company that specializes in everything your landscape needs? We are with you every step of the way, from the design to the installation. And once your professional landscape is finished, we will maintain its beauty season after season. We have maintained that commitment since 1953 and it has brought us back into our client’s gardens year after year. –Call today to find out more about our great professional landscape service!


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